Favorite sports teams

OK, let’s make something perfectly clear:  try as I might to be as rational as possible, there are two areas in which emotions trump rationality. Music is one (and I would argue that it should), and the other is sports.

I have lots of teams I support, but the ones I tend to be most irrationally in love with are the San Francisco Giants and Arsenal. I have followed both clubs for many years; I’ve rooted for SF for as long as I can remember and for Arsenal since I was in high school. So, slamming either one of these teams is going to provoke and Incredible Hulk-like response from me.

Close behind them would be the San Francisco 49ers. What all three share in common is that I happened to fall in love with them when they were in the midst of heartbreaking times, so no one can accuse me of being a fan who jumps on the bandwagon of a team just because they’re successful (like about 80% of Yankees, Cowboys, and Manchester United supporters.)

I also root for my own alma mater and, believe me, they really stunk when I went to college there. But lately, they have become a really popular cultural icon and I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm when I see everybody wearing my college’s replica jerseys, etc. It’s still hard for me to get past the days when winning four football games in a season and beating our biggest rival was a success. Now, I see people who never attended my school get all depressed if it loses a whopping two games in a season. Isn’t life interesting?


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