Reality creeping into my sports!

Sad to say, but reality is starting to creep into my sports. I love the SF Giants totally and irrationally, and my rooting is an escape from the real world (although the number of close games they play means that they are often greater torture than reality!)

They just started the last game of their series against Arizona and I realized that I really want the Giants to anhililate the Diamondbacks, embarrass them, humiliate them, run them out of the league. And it has little to do with baseball itself. But Jan Brewer and her jack-booted followers in state government piss me off so much that I have a big-time chip on my shoulder against the Phoenix metro area. You’ll notice that the sane, humane politicians in Arizona all seem to come from the Tucson area, and I suspect a much higher percentage of  their residents are multiple-generation Arizonans, compared to a high percentage of johnny-come-latelys in Phoenix who are there because they can’t stand the fact that “their” world was co-opted in whatever state they moved from.

So, thumbs up to Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, Tucson, etc., and any of my former students who happen to be in the Phoenix area. Otherwise, Phoenix can suck it.


One thought on “Reality creeping into my sports!

  1. batting8th says:

    The San Francisco Giants (My team also, if by default due to 40 years in the SF Bay area) may not have the “stuff” to stomp on the good folks from the sandy confines of the SW. I’m in fear that the LA Dodgers may prove to be “the real thing”, and this could cause me anguish and tearing of garments. So, the Snakes of Phoenix may be bitten by the likes of Matt Kemp and company, while our Giants try to find that one hitter feared by the guy on the bump.
    Early, but as we know it can get late early for those of us who suffer with the Boys By The Bay.
    There are times when I even would welcome back Will Clark. (Only if he would promise to never utter a word in public)
    Life is hard for fans who listen in the fog. We have found that life after Willie is bound to be a let down.

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