Job Performance Reviews Suck!

Job Performance Reviews Suck! But, remember that they suck for both the employer and the employee. Approach them with that in mind and things are more likely to have a positive outcome.


2 thoughts on “Job Performance Reviews Suck!

  1. Willie Krash says:

    As a self employed person I often find performance evaluations interesting. If there is a complaint say it. It you want me to do a better job and we can learn thru’ evaluations……..Will I get more money? I find it interesting that an employee can get a great evaluation and a smile. Show me the money!
    It’s the game of the board rooms but not at the “assembly line?”
    A positive outcome is in the wallet. My dog is very good at doing tricks but he knows the rules…
    Re: my dog, he will do it for love but for a “cookie” he adds exuberance to the task.
    Now one should bear in mind that for most employees pay is on the list but not that high up the list..
    I remember decades ago reading a study from the 30’s, a company went into one of their offices and change the light bulbs with new, productivity went up. They put the old bulbs in the next office and it went up. The third office with no attention stayed the same.
    The key as you point out is to use the evaluation as a positive tool which is often not the case. And course a cookie!

  2. publius17 says:

    Willie, you are spot on, as usual. One of the things that left a lasting impression on me was a poll on job satisfaction done about ten years ago by Harvard’s Business School, in which they found that quantity of pay ranked only fifth or sixth on the list of criteria for determining job satisfaction. Everything ranking ahead of that was related to work environment.

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