Learn the Constitution, for goodness’ sake!

Earlier this week, one of the letters to the Editor took the local newspaper to task for giving a “thumbs down” to the House of Representatives for their refusal to propose a budget that had any chance of being approved by the Senate and signed by the President. His argument? “You should also be taking the Senate to task. They haven’t proposed a budget at all. Obviously, you are showing your liberal bias!

Er, sir? Article One of the Constitution explicitly states that all revenue-based legislation must originate in the House of Representatives! Criticizing the Senate for failing to produce a budget makes as much sense as criticizing them for not passing a budget in Iceland!

If you are going to be an ideologue, at least learn enough about the Constitution so that you don’t look like a complete idiot when you publicize your opinions. Otherwise, the best you can hope for is to go unnoticed; the worst is for people to assume that people with your ideology are uniformly idiots.


2 thoughts on “Learn the Constitution, for goodness’ sake!

  1. Willie Krash says:


  2. batting8th says:

    The constitution. Well. There are scholars at ivy league schools debating the intent of that fine document even as we speak. So to speak.
    And still, citizenship requires we have a basic understanding of the document so your point is taken.
    Whatever the mechanics of the institutions of our government, we should be content they are paying due diligence to the responsibilities they accept when taking office.
    They are not.
    That is the finer point, and where the rubber meets the road.

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