Writer’s Block

I never quite understood writer’s block. True, of all the writing I’ve done in my life (papers, essays, columns), there were times when I just cranked out what I needed to do to fulfill my commitment.

Well, this has been my first experience with it. There are two things that seem to be at work here (careful…remember that the analyst who treats himself has a fool for a patient!):

1. Rather than being unable to think of what to write about, I feel overloaded. Too many things going through my mind at once for me to decide what I should tackle first.

2. Directly related to the previous problem is that, the longer I wait to write something, the more guilty I feel about not writing, and that makes me want to avoid writing.

So, to anyone reading this, dos this sound familiar? I know what I have always told students finding themselves in this spot, which is to just start writing ANYTHING. Funny how much easier it is to give advice than to take it!


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